Respects Human Rights

Research and Development

The DNAbiochem respects human rights and diversity in terms such as culture, nationality, creeds, gender, and age. We firmly believe that bringing together the talents and personalities of individuals contributes to the overall strength of our organization. We aspire to be regarded by motivated and capable individuals as an attractive company, one that instills trust, pride, and a sense of community. To that end, we support our employees in their career development efforts and cultivate the abilities of those who aspire to bold challenges by providing each of our employees with challenging roles and responsibilities, fair performance evaluations and appropriate compensation. We believe it is important to constantly maintain our capacity for learning and our adaptability. But we must acquire new knowledge and skills that will contribute towards organizational development. Our aim is to create a high-performance team of people in which each member’s development will depend on the evolution and use of their own personal talents and on their level of commitment to the company.