July 4, 2021
Novo Fruits
July 4, 2021

Novo Alcohol Sub ®

an innovative Natural solvent

    •  A natural solvent substitute for alcohol, having the same properties.
    • Covers all Halal claims
    •  Covers Natural claims

INCI Name: tridecene & pentadecane


Novo Alcohol Sub is an innovative natural and biodegradable alcohol replacement Solvent. A composition that provides fast-drying and stabilizing properties for a wide range of cosmetics formulation, especially perfumes. It also acts as a fragrance booster while enhancing its spreadability. Thanks to its emollient function, this agent leaves a silky softness effect when used in skincare and haircare formulations


  •  Rapid evaporation allows faster “blooming” of fragrances
  • It has little odor that will not interfere with fragrances, unlike alcohols
  • Fast drying action provides a wide range of applications
  • Alcohol replacement
  • Light and non-sticky skin feel
  • No need to macerate nor to chill nor to filtrate