Novo Sorb os
July 3, 2021
Novo Sorb WS
July 2, 2021


plus a high performance color and fragrance fixative

  • Fixing the color, even the light ones, in water base formulas
  • • Fixing and prolonging fragrance odor
  • Protecting light-sensitive ingredients against UV light damage
  • Protecting the skin against pollution

INCI Name: Propanedioic acid dimethoxyphenyl and Sorbitan monooleate and octyl methoxy cinnamat


Achieving the ultimate stability of the colors is always one of the top trends and when the packages are colorless transparent it is a challenge, especially when you target light colors for your body wash, hand wash or shampoo formula. our miracle worker ”Novosorb WS Plus” enables you to stabilize the formula and protect the Light sensitive ingredients such as dyes, fragrances and active ingredients like vitamins and UV filters. By acting like an epidermal alternation, It also supports the skin to fight pollution-induced damages.s.

Active & Mechanism:

Novosorb WS Plus is a unique stabilizer and protector. It stabilizes the formulations containing the Light-sensitive ingredients and protects the skin against oxidative stressors.