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July 4, 2021
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July 4, 2021

Novosome Salicylic acid ®

an innovative delivery system empowers you to benefit the “true” skin-clearing effects of SA

  •   Stably wrapped in a nano-particle size liposome
  • Guarantees the SA solubility & efficacy
  •   Guarantees the formulation stability
  •   Facilitates the aqueous formulation with SA

INCI Name: Phospholipids and salicylic acid


Liposomes are artificially prepared phospholipid bilayers vesicles that have potential to encapsulate agents as one of the modern bioactive delivery systems. They have been proven to be used as carrier systems for cosmetic bio-actives to protect them from degradation and to improve their absorption and bioavailability. Salicylic acid liposome relates to stably wrapped salicylic acid in a unique delivery system that can greatly increases the absorption efficacy by slowly releasing the SA from small vesicles. It also solves the problems of using salicylic acid in cosmetics formulation. More particularly, the advantage of this technology is that the cosmetic formula has the ability to sustain a pH in the external aqueous surrounding without neutralizing the salicylic acid to the corresponding salicylate. The opportunity that SA can be used in a wide variety of aqueous finish products.

Active & Mechanism:

Salicylic acid is well known as one of the safest keratolytic agents for softening the epidermis. It is highly effective in acne removal, exfoliation, and clearing pores. Salicylic acid can minimize pores, improve fine wrinkles, and reduce pigments. SA is also an effective anti-dandruff active. Nanosome Salicylic Acid completely solves the problems of SA, increasing the absorption efficiency and bioavailability.