Novosome Salicylic acid
July 4, 2021
Novosome Azelaic Acid
July 4, 2021

Novosome Caffeine ®

an innovative liposome encapsulated system with a high affinity with skin Stratum Corneum

  •   Increase bioavailability
  • Reaching deep skin layer to the target cells
  •   Long-lasting stability

INCI Name: Phospholipids and caffeine


There are plenty of actives that have been claimed to trigger hair growth, however, the fact is how much they are effective. Caffeine hydrophilicity affects the Penetration ability and its efficacy considering its target place for the potential action is in the deeper layer of the skin. To overcome such limitations, we designed a liposome bilayer encapsulated caffeine system, called Novosome Caffeine®. This delivery system with a high affinity for stratum corneum shows the maximum efficacy penetration of caffeine into the scalp and skin, increasing the bioavailability of the active.

Active & Mechanism:

Novosome Caffeine, with a liposomal structure for a higher skin affinity, improves caffeine solubility and releases the caffeine deep into the skin. Caffeine is a famous anti-cellulite, anti-oxidant, slimming, and hair growth stimulating agent.