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July 4, 2021
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July 4, 2021


an innovative delivery system empowers you to benefit the “true” skin-clearing effects of SA

  •   Releasing vitamins into the deep skin layer
  • Hair and skin lipid layer repair/li>
  •   Protecting antioxidant vitamins from oxidative stress

INCI Name: Phospholipid and Vitamin A,E,B,F


Novosome Vitamin complex is a liposome structure that entraps vitamins A, E, B, and F in a bilayer phospholipid membrane. For effective anti-aging, revitalizing, and protection, it is necessary that described amount of vitamins reach the site of action. By protecting the vitamins from oxidation and delivering them into the deep skin layer Novosome Vit Complex offers maximum efficacy of vitamin complex

Active & Mechanism:

Novosome Vit Complex is a blend of repairing and antioxidant vitamins. The waterproof structure of the skin barrier hardly allows the hydrophilic substances or high molecular weight to pass through it. Moreover, vitamins have poor stability and lose their potency on exposure to oxidative stress. Thus, the selection of a proper carrier is important. Vitamin F consisting of polyunsaturated essential free fatty acids is a regenerating agent that restores the lipid barrier of hair and skin. Vitamin A, E and B create an anti-aging antioxidant complex to renew the skin structure and deliver motorization while protecting it against environmental stress.