Novo 2161
July 3, 2021
Novo Sorb ws Plus
July 2, 2021


an innovative Stabilizer

  • Protecting the skin and hair against radical free-radical pollutants
  • Protecting light-sensitive ingredients in cosmetics formulation
  • A Strong Antioxidant

INCI Name: propanoic acid dimethoxyphenyl


Novosorb OS is a highly effective and sustainable stabilizer when it comes to protecting light-sensitive ingredients in cosmetic formulation. This innovative composition also helps to protect the skin against radical-induced damages by pollutants. UltraViolet radiation is one of the oxidative stresses which may damage the skin and the formulation. It has the potential to degrade dyes, fragrances, active ingredients such as vitamins and UV filters. Also, as a pollutant, it harms the skin by causing free radical production.

Active & Mechanism:

With a Strong Anti-oxidant effect, Novosorb OS delivers a superior protection of the skin and the ingredients which are degradable by oxidative stressors.