Novo Pollulan
July 4, 2021
July 4, 2021


an advanced delivery solution

  •  time-released delivery system
  • safe and effective absorption of retinol with lower skin irritation
  •  high efficacy and stability
  •  avoid color change in the formulation

INCI Name: phospholipid and Retinol


Novosome Retinol is an advanced delivery system that slowly and consistently releases to the deep skin levels preventing skin irritation. Retinol is a usable form of Vitamin A to develop normal skin.

Active & Mechanism:

A high concentration of free retinol in the formula might cause irritation to the skin. The Novosome Retinol reduces the potential for irritation by timed-releasing strategy. Novosome Retinol act as an antioxidant and cell regenerator. By normalizing keratinization, stimulating collagen synthesis and renewing the skin, it offers anti-aging effects.