Novosome Retinol
July 4, 2021


a lifting and anti-wrinkle blend based on the science of the algae and fungus.

  •   A unique blend of algae and fungus polysaccharide (Pullulan)
  • Instant firming effect
  •   Long-term firming and Anti-wrinkle effects

INCI Name: pollulan-octulata algae


Novopollulan is a natural ingredient, and it is developed by biotechnological methods. The Oculata microalgae (Nanochloropsis Oculata) extract produced by the fermentation process is well combined with Pullulan polysaccharide, a film-forming natural sugar from fungus A.Pullulans. The film-forming effects of Pullulan have made it a potential stable carrier for active ingredients with a lifting effect for the skin. The professional blend of Oculata algae and pullulan has made it a powerful agent against wrinkles..

Novopollulan Instant solution:

Skin surface lifting by applying the Pullulan polysaccharides instantly. The continuous use of Novopollulan has a long term effect by inducing collagen synthesis and renewing the skin.