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July 4, 2021
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July 3, 2021

Novosome Vit C ®

for intense and precise effects of ascorbic acid

  •  Protect the ascorbic acid against degradation.
  • Maximize the antioxidant effect of Vitamin C
  • Maximum delivery of the active ingredient to the deep skin levels.
  •  Increases the bioavailability of the active ingredient

INCI Name: Phospholipid and ascorbic acid and Ascorbyl palmitate


Novosome Vit C is specially designed in the form of liposome and combination with Ascorbyl palmitate to stably deliver the Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) into the deeper layer of the skin. Ascorbyl palmitate is a vitamin antioxidant used to stabilize oxygen-sensitive ingredients in cosmetic formulations and promotes the efficacy of other vitamins and anti-oxidant. This empowered Vitamin C delivery system targets the deep layers of the skin, enhancing its effect..

Active & Mechanism:

Novosome Vitamin C has been designed in the form of liposome encapsulation to maximize the stability and bioavailability of Ascorbic acid and deliver it in the deep layers of the skin. The anti-oxidative efficacy of this compound lets it be used as a protecting agent against premature skin aging. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful skin lightening agents. It helps create younger and firmer skin by promoting collagen synthesis while signs of uneven skin tone and spots seem to disappear